AN SMB-friendly solution

Mono delivers the ultimate Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform to build and sell websites and other digital products, such as customer management, e-commerce and more. Designed to meet the needs of small businesses, the Mono Platform gives digital service providers the opportunity to drive more online success for SMBs.

As we all feel the effects of COVID-19, it's important that we offer both practical advice and creative solutions to empower our SMB clients to run as much of their business as they can digitally, and help them survive these challenging times. 

Mono E-commerce is a simple database-driven solution optimized for small and medium-sized businesses looking to test the waters with selling online. The interface is SMB-friendly and supports a wide variety of small businesses’ e-commerce needs.

We are offering Mono E-commerce at a discounted rate for TapClicks partners. Get in touch to learn more about the offer, our white-label website builder or other SMB-friendly digital tools.