Understanding your customers' needs is crucial to avoiding failure, we all know that.  Mono Solutions is here to help, so we did the work for you to better understand the fastest-growing small business vertical in Europe – freelancers. A segment experiencing significant growth due to the pandemic with more than 33m workers in Europe accounting for more than 15% of European employee according to Statista. 

In Q1 2021, Localogy and Mono Solutions conducted an online survey of 553 freelancers in the United Kingdom, Germany, and Sweden. The objective was to learn more about how freelancers operate their businesses, what motivated them to choose freelancing over full-time employment and how they secure new clients.

We wanted to understand the untapped market potential for our own partners – and based on our findings, you will want to hear these insights. If you sell digital products like websites, online booking, ecommerce or services like SEO, graphic design or advertisement, sign up to this free webinar.

Join us as our two Mono experts, Peter Karstensen, Head of Sales, and Elisabeth Grothe-Møller, Conversion Rate Optimisation and Web Analyst, shares insights from the new freelancer report by Mono Solutions and Localogy: 

In this webinar:

  • The freelancer landscape;
  • Generational differences in the type of work freelancers do;
  • Which products would be key for Mono reselling partners, who want to take advantage of this market opportunity;
  • Marketing assets that freelancers need from their digital service providers;
  • Why freelancers are not resellers of the software they recommend;
  • How freelancers use technology differently.